Cement, sand, aggregate, pigments......... We utilize local materials and state of the art admixtures to  provide durable freeze thaw resistant products, and deliver outstanding finishes. We have in house quality control and engineering to make consistent, cost effective products.

Traditional wet casting methods are used for most of our rectilinear and bowl series planters. Our precast mix has air entrainment for freeze thaw, Our mix design has been engineered to withstand Canadian winters, although consideration as to the type of plantings and soil types is to be made. . Each of our Series have been designed to serve a purpose and have slightly different qualities depending on the job that they do. Rectilinear shapes are easiest when custom designs are needed, these are usually built out of fibre materials such as plywood. Rubber texture mats can be inlayed to produce texture and embossed patterns, the possibilities for logo’s, street numbers and other signage are unlimited. Please contact our team if you would like a custom planter designed for your application.

conventional precast concrete planters