Forged steel & ductal concrete bench

Landscape Furnishings is collaborating with blacksmith Jake James to bring forth a new bench design into our product line. Jake James is an award-winning British born and educated Blacksmith. He has over a decade of success creating functional and sculptural work in forged metal. Jake operates his forge from Vancouver Islands inspirational west coast. 

jake james ductal meets forged steel

This new bench design utilizes a forged steel leg that supports the thin cross sections possible with Ductal concrete. The uhpc concrete will be cast in a matte white to contrast the forged steel leg. Typically steel brackets and legs are manufactured in high volume, each one exactly the same as the one before -  this is not the intention with these forged legs. The ductal bench is to be cast from a rubber mold, with a 1/16" radius on all edges. The contrast between the  near perfect ductal and the gnarly forged steel is sure to create a stunning piece.

forged steel & ductal design
ductal bench concept
early rough out of leg