Not all planters are created equal, nor do they all play the same role. We manufacture 3 types of concrete containers, each with different characteristics - conventional precast concrete, ornamental hand cast, ultra high performance concrete.

In addition to materials, there’s size – which does matter when it comes to container gardens. In most cases, the bigger the pot, the better – not just for creating  good scale but also for giving plants plenty of room to stretch their roots and grow. We are known for our large format, complicated forms.

We utilize local materials such as cement, sand, aggregate and pigments with state of the art admixtures.  We create durable, freeze-thaw resistant products and deliver outstanding finishes. With in-house quality control and engineering, the result is: consistent, cost effective products.

Our hand cast/ hand finshed series offer unique, one-of-a-kind sculptural containers. Techniques are reminescint of Venetian plaster and traditional ceramic processes. Each piece reflects the artisanal talents of the maker. 




UHPC is cutting edge technology that allows for designs with more 
cantilever, thinner walls, greater surface quality and considerably more durability. Landscape Furnishings proudly utilizes Lafarge Ductal UHPC. Perfect for high-traffic, high-exposure areas. 

b.c. made products

Made on Vancouver Island. Our products are the result considerable research and development, years of trial and error and plenty of hard work.