hc | 011


hc | 011

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Landscape Furnishings offers our Hand Cast series, Choose between one of our 3 colours. Read more about our Hand Cast Series.

  • Drainage
    • Standard diameter hole: approximately 1-1/4”
    • Custom size to function with irrigation & drainage (note size of plumbing fixture to be used)
  • Concrete Color
    • Natural gray concrete
    • Charcoal 
    • White
  • Finishing
    • Hand cast 
    • Natural veining 
    • Optional broken/ irregular edge
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Landscape Furnishings HC | series, of concrete pots and vessels bring a artistic element to your public and private spaces. Each piece is completely unique and tells a story about how it is made. Inspired by natures finest stone, these finishes and pieces provide visual interest for your space.

Landscape Furnishings hc | 011

Each piece in our HC | series is finished entirely by hand. There is no vibration like traditional precast. A master mold is made from a rigid material in which a dry pack mix is hand cast into the form. Concrete is dry packed in lifts, rotating the form without occasionally without disturbing the setting material. Natural veining is intentionally created and intrinsic to the process. More variation can be created by adding pigments, different sand batches, or blending cementitious material. The process is very physical, time consuming and personal, each craftsman has his or her own touch. The result - every piece is completely unique.